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About me

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Hello! My name is Robert but please do feel free to call me Rob.

I have been developing my photographic style over the past 15 years, capturing the world around me as I see it with the intent on journaling my time through photos, and sharing this with others. It has been an interesting journey full of peaks and troughs, but one thing has remained constant, my love of storytelling through photos. 

Just over 10 years ago I stopped working as a full time wedding photographer as I found that path to be quite limiting as a creative outlet, for fear of losing my love of the art form I put down the camera and took some time away. Being a man of varied interests I invested time in these to see where one of them might lead hoping for another avenue of purpose. This eventually lead to a career as an outdoor therapist. I now mentor young adults with special educational needs through engaging with the outdoor pursuits. During this process I rekindled my love of photography.

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Throughout my time away from photography I discovered a love for long distance cycling and developed a deeper appreciation for the outdoors. I have often taken myself away for weeks at a time cycling and wild camping to explore new places. Living more adventurously has lead me to discover a lot about myself, deepened my interests and created opportunities for some incredible chance meetings with strangers. Throughout this journey the urge to capture and take photos started to take root, during a brief but fortuitous turn of events in 2016 I ended up with a camera that both inspired me to use it but was also nonintrusive to my day to day life, it has remained by my side since. I now use photography as means to document and keep record of my time, my interests, and the people along the journey.

I'm a believer that photography should be secondary to the primary experience, this philosophy toward the art form has enabled me the freedom to capture what I see and experience with more authenticity.

Shooting this way has shaped me as a photographer as my subject matter is ever changing, so too the weather as it can be varied and unpredictable, lighting is sometimes harsh and not ideal, or dull and lifeless, I could be riding on the bike and capturing things on the move, or maybe sometimes point of interest could be completely hidden from view on the forest floor. 

All these experiences and desire to discover has honed my skill as a documentary photographer, a journey I hope to keep on discovering. 


Let's work together

Whether it be a project to be documented, your wedding day captured with the essence of the day intact, a less generic take on event photography, or wish to purchase a print of one of my nature works.

Feel free to view my portfolio, have a look at my previous and current projects and please do get in touch if you wish to collaborate.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

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