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Common Wanderers Project #4 - Olga

a portrait of Olga

This is not the first time mine and Olga's paths have crossed, but it is the first time we met properly.

She is a regular wanderer around central and north Dorset often with a Didgeridoo in tow seeing out the end of the day using the instrument to connect with nature and to play in harmony with the sounds around her.

While we got to know one another we shared our own personal van misadventure stories, reflecting and laughing at what unfortunate events have come our way in the past.

Olga explained that she never connected particularly well with many instruments in the past but once she picked up and started practicing the Didgeridoo she knew she had found something worth pursuing. The breath work involved enables her to enter a meditative state, which is clear to see when watching her perform.

It was such a brilliant encounter sat upon an ancient Iron Age Hill Fort, watching the sun set, listening to such a primal sound sharing stories with a wonderfully interesting person.

Olga playing the Didgeridoo

Olga playing the Didgeridoo


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