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Common Wanderers Project #3 - DJ & Jess

DJ and Jess stood together
Braving the British summer for a photo

I met D.J. on a rather wet hilltop in Dorset in June. We struck up a conversation and very quickly soon realised there was a lot of crossover of interests, experiences and general outlook on life.

He splits his time between working as a Ski Guide in Austria and coming back to the UK to visit family and friends with his partner Jess. They are making the most of the British summer before heading back to the mountains to run a rather high end ski lodge together.

During our chats I discovered that they travelled for a few years in an old van, having visited and worked all over Europe, Jess was a little regretful that they no longer have that van but was sure there would be another one on the horizon in the near future.

I asked if they would like to be part of this common wanderers photographic project, which they were more than happy to do, this spurred D.J. to tell us of tales of his late aunt who was a documentary photographer, recalling how she was was "that strange Aunt that would disappear to Siberia, or Eastern Europe for months at a time with her camera".

It turns out she is Bertien Van Manen, a rather famous and critically acclaimed documentary photographer whose careers spans decades and has works on display from New York to London.

You can see her work here:

DJ and Jess stood together
D.J. and Jess


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