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Common Wanderers Project #1 - Charlie

Charlie stood by his Van
Charlie formally known as the 'The Bikemonger'

Charlie I met on a late May evening while returning to normal life after the Brother in the Wild backpacking weekend.

He needs little introduction in the world of bikepacking and dirty touring. He is formally of ‘Bike Monger’ fame and now spends his time between travelling between the UK and Europe in his van. He still organises the Dorset Gravel Dash which is why we happened upon each other atop a hill in Dorset.

It was a complete chance meeting as I was sorting my bike after the event, he happened to see my Ritchey and In his words: ‘It’s not a 20 year old Carrera being pulled from the van! You’ve broken the cliche, I had to come over and say hello’.

He presented me with a tub of Happy Bottom Bum Butter and we got chatting about everything and anything.

During that same evening the electrics of our van decided to play up and Charlie was there keeping me sane while I set about finding the problem with wine and amusing stories from his travels, mix these together with his unique view on the world and the encounters he has had along the way and it makes for an occasion that sums up what it is to live alternatively.

He is the first person that I asked and acted upon taking part in the Common Wanderers Project, I will be forever grateful as it was the push that made me move.


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