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Common Wanderers Project #2 - Mick

Mick and his small but highly functional Van
Mick and his small but highly functional Mercedes Vito

Yesterday evening I met Mick from Torquay. He is relatively new to van life, having started last September in his small but hugely functional Mercedes Vito. He is absolutely full of life and was forever smiling or laughing during our chat.

He found himself drawn to living in a van after a spell of bad fortune by being let down by a few of those close to him. Having this happen one too many times he decided to take some back agency and brought this little van back from the brink in an incredibly effective manner.

As we got to know each other some more he expressed that he is pursuing his dream of working as a full time van conversion expert and has taking his first booking that same evening toward that goal.

Portrait of Mick

Having been a chef of 26 years really shows in his layout as the worktops, food preparation/cooking areas are finished to an incredibly high standard.

It was also awesome to see how Mick has integrated a full music production setup into such a small space, he’s clearly someone that knows what his priority is.

As the conversation went on we discussed my thoughts around those that choose this lifestyle are either healing or running from something, sometimes both… It’s so incredible to meet people like Mick that have fallen into hardship and decided to evoke change, take agency and ultimately has taken steps towards following a dream.

Check out his van build here: @camper_vibin

Thank you for taking part in my Common Wanderers Project, Mick.

cassette tapes hanging from interior mirror of the van

Micks music production setup


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